Features and advantages of LED smart street light control system

Features and advantages of LED smart street light control system

LED smart street light control system features:

1. Intelligent timing online programmable time control mode, each loop can be set to 4 time periods, and each channel can be set to be individually controlled; either general timing function control, longitude and latitude time control, or two kinds of time control can be selected. logical combination of control modes. Smart lighting latitude and longitude control

2. After setting the local latitude and longitude, the controller automatically calculates the time of day and night to automatically adjust the switching time, without regular manual adjustment, and the control time will be automatically adjusted according to seasonal changes.

3. The controller is equipped with an external light control probe, which automatically senses the current light value and automatically turns on the lighting in cloudy and rainy days and when it is dark. The setting range of the light control action point is wide: 0—999Lux (lumen value), light switch time Control according to the lumen value set by the probe.

4. Which way or several ways can be arbitrarily specified in the output circuit as light-controlled energy-saving output according to the needs, and the output definition is flexible.

5. The light control function and time control function can be turned on or off at the same time and can be controlled independently. The smart lighting system week mode has a week working mode, and the control function can be enabled or disabled separately from Monday to Sunday, such as: the lighting is turned on according to Monday to Friday, and turned off on Saturday and Sunday, and does not need to be enabled every day.

6. Wired remote control: It is realized by converting the USB serial line to the background software through the 485 communication bus.

7. Wireless remote control: expand the data transparent transmission module or Ethernet module, and realize it with the help of wireless network communication technology.

8. Manual switch: The controller has buttons for manual opening and closing. In case of emergency or special circumstances, the switch needs to be executed immediately, and the human-machine interface of the time controller is convenient for operation.

9. Support local automatic control: time control + light control.

10. Remote centralized management and control: support computer terminal and mobile terminal.

Advantages of LED smart street lights:

1. Intelligent management, easy maintenance, LED smart street lights can realize remote monitoring, communication and control. In this way, the work efficiency of the staff is improved, and the maintenance of the street lights is simpler.

2. The lighting quality is higher, LED smart street lights are turned on and off according to the actual lighting needs, and the brightness is also different. Therefore, the lighting quality of smart street lamps is higher.

3. Energy saving: LED smart street lights can easily save energy and meet the needs of the current society for energy saving and emission reduction. Because of the realization of intelligent regulation, the waste of lights and electricity costs is reduced, and the loss is reduced and the life is prolonged.

4. Smart and multi-functional, the biggest advantage of LED smart street light is that it carries multi-functions as a whole. It integrates smart street light control, wireless WIFI hotspot, car charging, LED display and micro base station, etc. Provide convenience and contribution to urban construction and development.



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