Technical characteristics of Yaorong Technology UFOLED high bay light

Whether at home or abroad, factory lighting has higher energy-saving requirements, and companies have higher and higher energy-saving requirements. All departments have energy-saving indicators requirements, so they tend to buy LED products. Factory lighting fixtures have strict requirements against voltage fluctuations, requiring high illuminance, dustproof and other requirements. In order to cater to the market, Yaorong Technology developed the UFO LED industrial and mining lamp on the basis of performance requirements and cost-effectiveness.

Yaorong Technology UFO LED industrial and mining lamp application scenarios: Our products are used in industrial workshops, industrial plants, warehouses, shopping malls, supermarkets, stadiums, stadiums, fitness and other places.

Technical characteristics of Yaorong Technology UFO LED high bay light:

1. Bionic fins for heat dissipation. The shape imitates the UFO shape design, the shell is made of high thermal conductivity die-cast aluminum material, and the bionic fin convection integrated lamp body heat dissipation design is used, not only the appearance is beautiful, but the heat dissipation is also leveraged.

2. PC anti-ultraviolet ring aperture design for light transmission. Using PC material, it has high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, low creep, and little change under high temperature conditions. The anti-UV experiment ensures that it does not change color and does not age when used indoors and outdoors.

3. High light efficiency. The matching of brand lamp beads and drivers, the whole lighting effect is ≥130lm/W. The ring-shaped arrangement, branded lamp beads and drivers are optional to meet the needs of different customers.

4. Intelligent induction. Intelligent sensor module, the sensor module is set to turn on, the lights are on when people come, adjust the brightness to 100%, the lights are kept for 30 minutes after people walk, and there is no object moving for 30 minutes after people walk, automatically shut down, intelligent dimming and microwave induction configurations are optional, free hands and hug life.

5. High protection. The IP65 protection level is suitable for use in high dust and high water vapor environments. The use of silicone rubber seals ensures that the product can be used in harsh environments such as high dust and water vapor.

6. Free choice of light distribution and installation. We have a variety of installation methods such as 60°, 90°, 120° light distribution angle, ring type, U-shaped bracket, etc. Different light distribution angles and installation methods can meet your needs.



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