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2021 Guangya Exhibition ends, Yaorong's full-spectrum LED grow light shines


2021 Guangya Exhibition ended successfully on August 6.

Affected by the epidemic, the overall traffic of this year's exhibition was lower than last year, but the needs of every customer present were more precise.

Yaorong 4.1 booth A18 stood out among many LED lighting exhibitors. With the unique advantages of the self-developed fifth-generation intelligent dimmable full-spectrum plant growth light, it attracted many industry experts, media, and domestic and foreign customers. Come to consult and exchange, the atmosphere is very lively.


According to the technical staff of Yaorong, this fifth-generation plant growth light can adjust the power spectrum and brightness of the plant light (meeting the demand for light in different growth stages of plants) through the mobile APP smart or intelligent control box to accurately supplement the light to the crops. Increase production and income, improve quality, achieve the purpose of shortening the growth cycle of plants, and go on the market ahead of time, bringing very rich economic benefits to customers.



For a long time, Yaorong has made great achievements in the field of outdoor lighting. After more than ten years of industry accumulation, it has gradually become a benchmark in the field of large-scale outdoor professional lighting. The industry has a reputation at home and abroad.

The LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights, LED solar street lights, LED tunnel lights and other products that focus on the domestic market are widely used in municipal lighting projects.


The LED wall lamp series, LED garden lamp series, LED parking lot lamp series, LED garage gas station lamp series, and LED stadium lamp series in foreign markets are very popular in South America, North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Japan and other Asian countries and regions.

In addition, Yaorong is also actively looking for new growth points, constantly breaking the circle. In the past two years, Yaorong, the popular 5G smart light pole in the market, has already been deployed. Not long ago, Yaorong’s smart light pole products were used in the construction of Zhuhai's smart city.


The Guangya Exhibition in 2021 came to a successful conclusion, and we will meet again in 2022!