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LED street lamp common problems and maintenance


LED street lamp common problems and maintenance

1, the LED street light is not bright this problem is really very worrying, then how should we solve this problem? First of all, we have to check the circuit, because many times the LED street light is not bright may be a circuit fault. If there is nothing wrong with the circuit after the check, it should be the drive.
2. The fixed interface of the LED solar panel, check whether the fixed position of the solar panel is loose, or rust, which affects the function of the solar panel or falls. Whether the solar panel can be used normally, this only needs to observe the light for a few days (why a few days? Because you may find that the solar panel just broke, or there is a little function, the battery still has residual power, at this time a short time is not see the problem) can be determined whether the normal light, (this is a check point of the light is not bright, not confirm the point please remember).
3. Check the lamps and lanterns to see if they glow normally, whether each built-in lamp holder is bright and whether the appearance is damaged. I believe that people who have seen the LED lamp holder know that the lamp holder is generally composed of lamp beads. The lamp bead is a string of a string of beads, if this string of beads in a lamp bead was burned, that this string of other beads are not bright. If this is a whole string of lamp beads were burned, the whole lamp holder will not light. Burn the lamp bead we can see on the appearance, the brightness dimmed may also be some individual beads were burned. Of course, if each string of beads on the beads to a lamp to be burned, to consider whether the capacitance or resistance of the problem.
4. If the lamp holder is still flashing after the LED street lamp is turned off, the first thing we need to consider is the problem of the line. It may be that the zero line of the switch control has a problem. If so, we must deal with it in time to avoid any danger. If the circuit is not found after inspection