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5 tips to teach you to identify the quality of LED floodlights


LED floodlights are also known as parking lot lights and LED area lights. They are widely used as outdoor engineering lighting. The bracket installation is simple and practical, and can be used for ground garden and architectural lighting. It can also be installed on the wall, such as tunnel lights, bridge lights, billboard lights, etc. In addition, it can also be installed in groups on high pole lights in stadiums and gymnasiums.

More and more people like to use LED floodlights because they can be used for many lighting purposes, such as landscape or security lighting. But many people don't know how to identify the quality of an LED floodlight. Here are 5 tips from Yaorong Technology for you.

Since it is to identify the quality of LED floodlights, then we start from the core structure of LED floodlights. As long as there is no problem with the quality in these aspects, then there is no problem with this lamp. The core structures are: die-cast aluminum heat sink, tempered glass, reflector, LED chip, and LED driver.

1. Die-cast heat sink

The thermal conductivity of LED floodlights depends on the quality of the aluminum housing, which also affects the light decay and service life. So if we need to know that the design and material of the heat sink are good, from the weight of the heat sink, the heavier the better, but some manufacturers use waste materials, even if the weight is sufficient, the materials are not pure. Then we need to check the painted surface. Because good painting needs to go through high temperature. If the material is not pure, the surface will not be smooth after spraying, so some inferior LED floodlights dare not spray the paint at high temperature, which causes the paint to fade easily. With a light scratch, the paint will fall off, so you can distinguish.

2. Tempered glass

There are two manufacturing processes for tempered glass: physically strengthened glass and chemically strengthened glass. What recognition? Check the flatness, check whether there are bubbles, inclusions, scratches or hot end dust on the surface or inside of the glass. Glass with such defects will cause deformation after being used for a period of time, reducing transparency, mechanical strength and thermal stability.

3. Reflector

Reflector inspection method: no deformation, no pinholes, bright surface, no bubbles, scratches, sand holes, spots, etc. on the electroplating layer.

4. LED light source

Check the LED chip of the requested brand through a microscope. After checking the chip, you need to check the power of the whole lamp with a power tester, because some manufacturers use low-wattage LED chips to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. It is often less than 20 watts, which is unqualified, around 5 watts It is reasonable. If the customer doesn't know, it will cause more investment to buy a lamp with a lower power than the actual power, then there will be a bit of a difference in performance and other aspects.

5. LED driver

A good LED driver should have high transmission efficiency and power factor. Here are two data for reference. The transmission efficiency is better>0.92, PF>0.9, higher than this, the drive quality is better. Some poor-quality LED floodlights leak more than 100 volts. This kind of lamp will break in a short time and it is dangerous to install it outside. Therefore, if you want to choose a driver from a well-known manufacturer, you need to check the power factor, do a high-voltage test, and the driver's IP rating needs to reach IP65 or higher.

5 points to pay attention to in the maintenance of LED floodlights:

 1. After buying the LED flood light, don't be busy installing the equipment, you should read the manual carefully, and then install the equipment according to the rules of the manual, otherwise you may make a mistake and cause damage to the LED flood light.

 2. Replace the aging lamp beads in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign, and check and find that the problematic lamp beads are replaced in time to avoid unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout.

3. Be careful not to change the structure of the lamp during cleaning and protection. After the cleaning and protection, all the LED floodlight parts are returned according to the original group. Remember not to install less or install it incorrectly.

4. The maintenance of LED flood light must be strengthened in use to extend its service life. Frequently check for cracks. If moisture enters, it will cause corrosion damage or leakage and short circuit; this is required in a humid environment. The next step is to prevent dust, and remove dust in time, otherwise it will affect the LED flood light. The light transmittance can be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation and obstruct the lighting effect. In some special environments, it is necessary to achieve explosion-proof effect, so as to protect the light.

 5. When using the LED flood light, try not to switch on and off again and again, because the moment the lamp is repeatedly advocated, the current flowing through the lamp beads is greater than the current during normal operation, which will cause great damage to the lamp beads and cause rapid light decay , Then its useful life is greatly shortened.

LED floodlights are all-rounders of outdoor lighting. In addition to road and street lighting that need to customize the beam pattern according to the road design, it can become a qualified candidate for almost all outdoor applications that require directional lighting in a specific area. LED floodlights are available in a variety of beam patterns and lumen packages, coupled with their optical sighting capabilities and installation flexibility, provide a solution that can improve photometric performance through the "test and adjust" process. They can be used to extend the daytime functions of exterior spaces and outdoor facilities to night, or to highlight and highlight architectural and landscape elements, thereby transforming the dark exterior into an inspired night view.