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5 major technology trends of LED plant lights


Technology is changing and improving almost all fields and businesses, agriculture and developing industries are no exception, LED technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds since the 21st century. At the moment, the most concerned is the application of LED plant lights in the development of agricultural innovation. LED plant lights are popular with growers in terms of plant supplement light due to their technical advantages. Now LED plant lights have 5 major technological trends, let's understand them together.

1. Change the planting method

Changing the way of planting breaks the situation where people rely on the sky to grow agricultural plants. LED plant lights have the same full spectrum of plant growth as the sun. The emergence of LED plant lights allows plants to "walk" from outdoor to indoor. Agricultural indoor planting is no longer affected by natural weather and the environment, and can make plants grow better. , This also allows agricultural planting methods to enter new planting methods.

Vertical farming

With the emergence of LED plant lights, not only is the weather no longer a decisive factor for growth, but space is no longer a decisive factor. Vertical agriculture can be planted in a limited space to get the maximum yield. Using high-efficiency LED plant growth lights, people can grow plants vertically, so you can harvest more in a small space. This cultivation method is most commonly used to grow hemp, which may be a way to solve the problem of world population growth and increased food demand.

Organic plant cultivation

When growing outdoors, pesticides and chemicals must be used to drive away insects to protect the plants. But what is left may be the safety of plants to people, but the emergence of LED plant lights, planting indoors, crops no longer need this kind of protection, and the spectrum of LED plant lights has the effect of repelling insects and pests. Organic plant cultivation can be achieved without the use of pesticides and chemicals. The food brought by organic plant cultivation will not affect people's safety, but will have greater benefits for people's dietary health.

2. Customize different spectra

Photosynthetically active radiation: Another major technological trend of LED plant lights is that the full spectrum they use is composed of a mixture of specific colors in natural sunlight, also known as PAR (photosynthetic active radiation). This means that the light does not emit in the spectral range that is not needed for plant growth, thus achieving higher efficiency.

Although the full spectrum can meet the growth needs of plants, with the continuous exploration of technology, the current spectrum of LED plant lights can be customized according to the characteristics of plant lights. For foliage plants, the spectrum with a higher blue ratio can be customized and needs to bloom. , Plants with more fruit should choose a spectrum with a high proportion of red light. And you can adjust the spectrum at each growth stage of the plant to give the plant better growth. The spectrum required by each plant is different, so you can choose according to your plant needs when choosing the LED plant light spectrum.

3. No heat sink

LED grow lights began to rely on passive cooling instead of fans. The most common alternative is to use heat sinks for cooling. The heat sink is designed to absorb excess heat from the diode. This prevents any changes in the spectrum during lamp operation and any damage due to overheating. Some also make the heat dissipation faster through the hollow shape design.

Lower heat output: the use of a radiator is combined with another innovation of the LED grow light. Experts are now continuously reducing heat output. The bulbs used in LED plant lights emit much less heat than before, and the lights usually cover a larger surface area so that the heat can be dissipated naturally.

4. Waterproof

Speaking of the technological trend of the LED plant growth lamp industry, we absolutely have to mention water resistance. These lamps are not only not susceptible to humidity, but they are also waterproof certified and can be used for hydroponic cultivation in vertical agriculture. If the LED plant light is not waterproof, the risk of a short circuit in your home will be very high. This feature saves growers a lot of anxiety and stress, and humidity is no longer a problem.

Easy to clean: LED grow lights usually accumulate a certain amount of dust and dirt. If they are not cleaned and maintained regularly, they may cause malfunctions and damage. Now with the help of waterproof technology, growers can directly rinse with water.

5. Competition leads to continuous innovation

The LED grow light industry is a fiercely competitive industry, because its scenario is very good. Many new and old companies spend significant costs in research, just to gain a place in the market. This is good news. Every company in this field is working hard to innovate and improve technology. At the same time, reduce costs as much as possible, which will lead to more and more perfect LED plant lights innovation and technology in the future, which is a technological development trend of LED plant lights.

LED plant lights will not only promote the development of the LED industry, but also drive the innovation of modern agricultural planting methods. Now people are researching new vertical agricultural planting methods combined with LED plant lights to bring very good results, allowing people to plant unlimited possibilities in a limited space.