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LED high bay lights can be dimmed, but what dimming methods do you know?


As a new lighting power source, LED high bay lights have begun to be widely used in life. The dimming method of LED high bay lights is very important, not only to make the lighting environment more comfortable, but also to reduce the consumption of some electric energy, and further realize energy saving and emission reduction. People may know that LED high bay lights can be dimmed, but do not know what dimming methods are there? In this article, the editor will share with you the relevant dimming methods.

1. Analog dimming (0-10V dimming)

When installing the analog dimmer, you need to connect a 0-10V dimming switch, and use a set of 0-10V dimming signal lines to connect to the LED light driver for dimming. Although the dimming effect of this kind of dimming is ideal, the wiring installation is complicated, which is its biggest flaw. At present, LED high bay lights with 0-10V dimming mode are widely used for lighting in offices, supermarkets, and delicate processing places.

2. SCR dimming

Triac dimming is the most widely used dimming method in LED high bay light dimming. The thyristor dimming method usually only needs to replace the original power switch with a thyristor dimming switch, and realize different brightness by rotating the dimming knob.

The advantages of thyristor dimming are high efficiency and stable performance. And the installation cost is low, just add a thyristor dimming switch, which is currently the most popular home lighting dimming method.

3. Switch dimmer

Switch dimming is dimming through the original power switch, no need to install any dimmer when using or installing. Only need to press the original power switch repeatedly to realize the light dimming of different brightness. This dimming method is the lowest cost method, no other dimmers need to be added, but the dimming level is less.

4. DMX512 dimming

DMX512 dimming is mostly used for outdoor RGB color lighting changes, usually the power supply and the controller are designed together. The DMX512 controller controls lines 8-24, and directly drives the RBG line of the LED light. However, in architectural lighting projects, due to the weakness of the DC line, a controller needs to be installed every 12 meters, and the control bus is in parallel mode. DMX512 is more suitable for occasions with concentrated lighting, such as stage lighting, and is currently widely used in LED floodlights.

5. PWM dimming

PWM dimming can also be called digital dimming, which can be performed in the form of 0-100% wireless network dimming through digital programming. The dimming effect is good, the overall design and installation cost is high, and it can be used for higher requirements in smart occasions.

6. DALI dimming

DALI dimming has been defined as a DALI network, including the largest 64 units, 16 groups and 16 scenes. Different lighting units on the DALI bus can be flexibly grouped to achieve different scene control and management. A typical DALI controller can control up to 40 to 50 lights, which can be divided into 16 groups and can process some actions in parallel. In a DALI network, it can process 30 to 40 control commands per second. DALI dimming of LED high bay lights is more common in factories, workshops, warehouses and supermarkets.

What are the advantages of LED high bay lights besides dimming:

Voltage: LED industrial and mining light source uses low-voltage power supply, which is a very safe power supply under a single voltage of 1.9-4V.

Efficiency: high luminous efficiency, it is currently the highest luminous efficiency lighting product. In theory, the luminous efficiency per watt is as high as 370 LM/W. When this brightness is reached, all lighting fields can basically be replaced.

Shock resistance: LED is a solid-state light source. Due to its particularity, this is a unique feature of LED high bay lights.

Stability: 100,000 hours, the light decay is 70% of the initial

Response time: The response time of LED high bay lights is nanosecond, and the response time is very fast.

Environmental protection: no metal mercury and other harmful substances to the body.

Color: The band of LED is quite narrow, the color emitted is free of variegated light, covering all the bands of visible light, and can be combined into any desired visible light by R\G\B.

Life: The average life span is 5000-100000 hours, which greatly reduces your maintenance and replacement costs.

As a new generation of lighting, LED high bay lights have huge advantages in energy saving and environmental protection compared to traditional lighting. It is the best lighting method to replace traditional lighting at this stage, and it will inevitably have great market demand in the future.