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What is the 0-10V dimming of LED high bay lights and what are the advantages?


What is 0-10v dimming?

0-10v (0-10 volts) is actually one of the earliest lighting control signal systems invented, and one of the simplest: it uses a low voltage control signal ranging from 0 to 10 volts. The amount of volts sent to the LED high bay light driver tells how bright it is. Send a voltage of 0 volts, and the LED high bay light goes out. Send 10 volts, the LED high bay light will reach the maximum power. The driver will dim the light smoothly.

It adds two extra wires to the drive. Those two extra wires "send a signal" through voltage. Will be adjusted accordingly. Keep 10v signal and get full brightness, 5v = 50% and 1v = 10% and so on. you understood. The advantage is that it works very well and only requires 2 low-voltage shielded 14-16 gauge wires. The disadvantage is that you must be able to run 2 extra wires.

What is needed for 0-10V dimming?

1. You need to lead the low voltage wire from the LED high bay light back to the switch. The first type of wiring is the line voltage switch, which basically turns the device on and off. Secondary wiring will allow low-voltage dimming control by providing inputs that can produce minimum (0V) and maximum (10V) output.

2. Compatible wall switch. Look for the 0-10 volt dimmer switch. They have dimming power and no power versions.

3. Wiring-maybe a lot. In order to take full advantage, many require power supply lines.

4. Lighting plan. Consider where you want to switch and what you might do in the future.

Why dimming?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce power consumption is to use dimming in the lighting system. Dimming can not only save electricity, but also create a suitable atmosphere for your environment. Third, and perhaps the most important, it allows you to brighten with new lights (when you are not sure how bright you want), and then dim them. This way you know you have enough light.

How is it better than a conventional dimming system?

The reason why low-voltage dimming is better than conventional or hard-wire dimming is that it is safer and more effective. For ordinary hard-wired dimmers, small transformers must limit the wattage. This usually ends with flickering or the inability to adjust to a low level. The maximum LED power of a conventional dimmer is also about 100 watts, which does not work in large deployments. A 0-10 volt system can easily handle several kilowatts on a single switch. If you have 20 LED high bay lights, each with a power of 100 watts, you can theoretically control them with a $60 switch (although we recommend more switches)

Low-voltage dimming is the energy-saving advantage

Whether it is used for dimming LED high bay lights or operating dimming, 0-10V dimmers are a cost-effective lighting control system, which greatly helps reduce your unnecessary expensive lighting The cost spent. Another advantage provided by this system is that you can control the number of zones independently of the power zone, thereby providing a variety of setting options.

LED high bay light product advantages

1. The brightness of LED high bay lights can be adjusted intelligently, and the lights can be adjusted to different modes at different time periods, such as "day mode", "night mode", "summer mode", "winter mode", etc. It can greatly improve the energy-saving effect of lamps and lanterns.

2. In different seasons and temperature conditions, adjust the color temperature to meet the human sensory comfort. For example, in spring, autumn and winter, the light color temperature can be adjusted to 3500K for warm white light; only in summer, the LED high bay light light color temperature can be adjusted to 4000K for positive white light.

3. Energy saving, high light utilization rate, high light efficiency: one LED high bay light can be used as three ordinary single-color LED lamps. It not only improves the luminous efficiency by 10%, but also prolongs the service life of the lamp more than doubled.

4. After using the LED high bay light, its light brightness uniformity, illuminance uniformity, energy saving rate, light attenuation and other important parameters are better than the national standards of ordinary high bay lights.

Now LED high bay lights have more advantages than traditional lighting fixtures due to their product advantages and features, and they have gradually replaced traditional lighting. Because of its particularity and protection level, it can also be used in harsh environments, so it can be used in more fields, and the market will develop better and better. Let us look forward to future changes.