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Different types of LED high bay lights are used in different scenes good effect


Now LED high bay lights are more and more recognized by people, widely used in many fields, application scenarios are also different. We will find that the types of LED high bay lights used in different scenarios are also different, because different types of LED high bay lights are better for different application scenarios. Below, Yaorong Technology will share with you which different types of LED high bay lights are used in different scenarios?

Let's first look at what types of LED high bay lights? We generally see LED high bay lights are divided into three types:

Traditional LED high bay light, with a large lampshade under the lamp, because it is the first version of LED high bay light, so it is called traditional LED high bay light.

Round LED high bay light, also known as UFO high bay light, because it is round, it is called round high bay light.

Linear LED high bay light, rectangular shape, usually several connected in a row, looks like a line, so it is called linear LED high bay light.

The traditional LED high bay light is a relatively common LED high bay light in life. It is also the first to be used, so it is more popular. The traditional LED high bay light uses an aluminum shell with a fin heat dissipation design, which allows better heat dissipation and greatly Extend the life of the light source. It is usually used in scenes with vertical shelves, such as storage facilities, warehouses, and large supermarkets. It is specifically used to illuminate shelves and aisle floors without wasting light on the top of the shelves.

The round LED high bay light has a larger beam angle than the traditional LED high bay light, and the higher it is, the wider it can illuminate. Round LED high bay lights have relatively low operating costs, long service life, good light effects in all aspects, support for motion sensor sensing, more energy-saving, high protection level, dimming and optional reflectors. The round LED high bay light is the hottest LED high bay light at the moment, and it has won the favor of more customers with its own advantages. If you want to replace the layout of a new LED high bay light, it is recommended that you choose a round LED high bay light. The round LED high bay light is usually used in a relatively large and open area, and the ceiling is required to exceed 35 feet, such as factory workshops, stadiums, and airports. Wait.

Linear LED high bay lights not only provide eye-popping light as metal halide lights, but also operate at significantly lower power and can last for several years without maintenance. Linear LED high bay lights are more energy efficient than the other two types of LED high bay lights. They also support motion sensor sensing. The recommended installation height is about 20 feet. Its main features are no mercury pollution, no radio frequency interference, and no infrared/ultraviolet radiation. . So it is usually used in gyms, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and other places, because it will not cause harm to people.

Installation notes for LED high bay lights

The closer the LED high bay lights are installed, the more overlapping light on the ground, the brighter the light. The farther the installation distance, the less overlap. The more uneven the lighting on the ground. So some small overlap is needed. How much depends on how bright you need to illuminate the ground.

The installation distance of LED high bay lights will depend on the height of your ceiling. The light is tapered. At the light source, it is concentrated. When it is far from the source, it will spread outward. The further away from the source, the wider the spread. Therefore, according to the height of the ceiling, the distance between the installation of LED high bay lights is different, but it is necessary to make the edge part of the light overlap as much as possible, so as to achieve a better light effect.

LED high bay light wiring. The main line and the LED industrial and mining lamps are connected by flat hard copper wire, and one lamp is installed in 5 rings, which are evenly connected to the three-phase line according to the requirements of load balance! The LED industrial and mining lamp housing is connected with a PE protection wire separately. If the external power line and signal line of the LED high bay light are damaged, the power supply must be cut off first and repaired or replaced by qualified engineers and technicians;

Waterproof and low-temperature treatment for LED high bay lights. Generally choose high bay lights with waterproof function and waterproof transformers. The chip packaging of LED high bay lights is wrapped with temperature-resistant thermal insulation materials, which can work even when using LED high bay lights under harsh conditions. The power supply and lamp beads used for LED high bay lights Must be replaced and installed by professionals.

In order to meet the visual needs of different production work and the needs of lighting installation conditions, the reflector of the LED high bay light should be able to produce various wide and narrow light distributions. LED high bay lights are used in urban landscape lighting, decorative lighting and small-size backlight applications. It has entered a mature period; in the field of medium and large-size backlights and large-screen displays, it has entered a growth period of rapid development; general lighting products are about to enter a growth period of rapid development from the introduction period.

Advantages of LED high bay lights

1. The LED high bay light has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, shockproof, waterproof, miniature, high brightness, easy dimming and so on.

2. The average lifespan of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only 1 year, but LED high bay lamps can reach 5W hours. It consumes less energy and can save energy by 60%. At the same time, it has the characteristics of overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning, high temperature protection, etc., which can fully guarantee the life and stable performance of the product.

3. Ordinary energy-saving lamps contain mercury elements. If the bulb is damaged, it will affect human safety. LED high bay lamps do not have this problem. There is no need to replace the lamps frequently, nor does it require regular maintenance.

4. The power consumption of ordinary energy-saving lamps is relatively large, which is more than 3 times that of LED industrial and mining lamps, so the use of LED industrial and mining lamps is more energy-efficient. It is cast with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material. Due to the unique shape and structure design, the light attenuation is reduced and the life of the light source is prolonged.

The performance optimization design of LED high bay light products is suitable for large-scale places with high requirements on brightness. High brightness and good color rendering. Precision pure aluminum radiator, with brand chip power supply, has the characteristics of anti-light decay, pure light color and anti-flicker. It is more energy-efficient than traditional metal halide lamps, and presents the actual color more realistically, making the visual sense more comfortable. However, it is necessary to pay attention to many details during installation, which will not only extend the service life of LED high bay lights, but also save a lot of costs.