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Full-spectrum led plant growth light-the gospel of plants


Full-spectrum led plant growth light-the gospel of plants

With the launch of Yaorong Technology's new full-spectrum led plant growth lamp, many customers have come to consult and inspect. The full-spectrum LED plant growth lamp is another brand new LED plant growth lamp lighting product launched by Shenzhen Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd. after years of research and experimentation.

The full-spectrum led plant growth light or plant light is an artificial light source, which is designed to emit an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis to stimulate plant growth. The main function of the full-spectrum led plant growth lamp application is to supplement light. In winter, the time of sunlight exposure may not be sufficient for plant growth. Or some specific plants are in a specific growth period, the growth rate is proportional to the light demand, in order to increase the light time to promote the rapid growth of plants.

Full-spectrum led plant growth lights are either trying to provide a spectrum similar to the sun (quasi-sunlight type), or provide targeted wavelengths for plant cultivation needs. Outdoor conditions are imitating changes in color, temperature, and spectral output from growing light, as well as changing lamp lumen output (intensity). Depending on the type of plant cultivation, the stage of cultivation (such as the germination/nutrition stage or flowering/fruiting), and the photoperiod required by the plant, the specific range of the frequency spectrum, the luminous efficiency and the color temperature are the desired use and specific plants and Time period.

Many plants also require periods of dark and light colors at the same time, which is known as the effect of photoperiod phenomena to trigger flowering. The light can be turned on or off to turn on at the set time. The best photography/dark period ratio depends on the variety and variety of plants, such as some people who prefer long days and short nights and others tend to be different or intermediate "day lengths".

When discussing the development of plants, the emphasis is often on light. This is the number of hours that darkness affects the factory’s long response time per day. Generally speaking, a "short day" is one in which the photoperiod does not exceed 12 hours. "Long day" is where the photoperiod is not less than 14 hours. Short-day plants are those that flower when the length of the day is less than the critical time. Long-day plants are those that flower when the photoperiod is greater than the critical duration. Day-neutral plants are those flowers regardless of the light cycle.

Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)

The different wavelengths of light are weighted by the reaction of the eye. This makes them a measure of improper lighting levels in horticultural lighting systems. Instead, the level of illumination is quantified as the amount of radiation in the wavelength range from 400 to 700 nanometers, or photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). It can be expressed in units of energy flux (W/m2) or photon flux (2S-1 between moles).

Yaorong full-spectrum led plant growth light seems simple, but it actually contains many optical and thermal principles. In general, full-spectrum led plant growth lights need to simulate sunlight to promote plant growth. The design of the professional full-spectrum led plant growth lamp is to imitate the spectrum and luminous flux of daylight, so that its performance is similar to that of daylight. Experiments show that red light (610-720nm) greatly increases the photosynthesis of plants and promotes plant growth; blue light (400-520nm) can enhance the activity of chloroplasts and promote photosynthesis of plants; purple light (300-440nm) promotes plants The formation of pigments and the absorption of phosphorus and aluminum directly affect the formation of vitamin D and the formation of stratum corneum and the accumulation of dry matter in plants and fruits. And under the mixed light of red and blue (9:1), the growth of the plants is the best, not only very strong, but also the root system is developed.

The full-spectrum led plant growth light is to supplement the light to the plants, and can enhance the light at any time of the day, so as to always help the plants to carry out photosynthesis. Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be prolonged, so that the plants will be in a stable growth environment for a long time, and they will not be affected by the external natural climate. Under the circumstances, it can continue to create a harmonious world for the plants, and at the same time, the plant growth light also brings great convenience to the cultivators.


Yaorong technology full-spectrum led plant growth lights can completely replace natural light in greenhouses or plant laboratories to promote plant growth. At the same time, Yaorong technology full-spectrum led plant growth lights also have the following advantages:

1. The effect of supplementing light and promoting growth is good: sunshine is a necessary factor for plant growth in addition to nutrition and water. After a long time of optical research and experimentation, Yaorong Technology has produced full-spectrum LED plant growth lights that are closer to sunlight.

2. Efficient and more energy-saving: Compared with the traditional light source, the full-spectrum led plant growth lamp produced by Yaorong Technology is brighter and more environmentally friendly. Compared with the traditional light source, the energy-saving rate has reached more than 90%, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious. High-efficiency and energy-saving means saving money. According to the current domestic electricity prices, the initial investment cost can generally be recovered within 1-2 years! Since then, lighting with led plant growth lights is equivalent to making money for you.

3. Environmental protection and healthier: There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum of the luminous body, electromagnetic protection is also very good, and there is no radiation; constant current drive, the light does not flicker, and the light is very soft. This point cannot be achieved by other light sources! During the use of the lamp, there is no harmful gas emission, and it is absolutely environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which is also what Yaorong Technology pursues.

4. Durable and longer life: The theoretical service life of Yaorong Technology's full-spectrum led plant growth lamp can reach 100,000 hours, and the actual service life can reach at least 50,000 hours, which is 20 times the life of ordinary light bulbs and 4 times that of ordinary energy-saving lamps; lighting every day 5 hours is available for 10 years (calculated result).

5. Mute and no interference: The whole lamp has no noise, and it is very quiet in use, without the roar of ordinary energy-saving lamps (rectifier).

6. Safer and more reliable: Yaorong Technology uses high-quality electronic components to better ensure the stable work, longevity, low heat generation of the full-spectrum led plant growth lamp, and it is safer and more reliable.

The full-spectrum LED plant growth lamp is used as a supplementary lighting research for plant photosynthesis. Traditional artificial light sources generate too much heat. If LED plant growth lights are used to supplement lighting and hydroponic systems, air can be recycled, excess heat and water can be removed, and electricity can be efficiently converted into Effective photosynthetic radiation is finally transformed into plant matter. Studies have shown that the use of full-spectrum LED plant light for lighting can increase the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce by more than 20%, and it is feasible to use LED plant growth lights in plant factories. Compared with the metal halide lamp, the anatomical morphology of the stems and leaves of the pepper and perilla plants grown under the LED plant growth lamp with the corresponding wavelength changed significantly, and with the increase of the optical density, the photosynthetic rate of the plant Is able to improve. Compound wavelength full-spectrum LED plant growth lights can increase the number of stomata in marigold and sage plants.

The full-spectrum LED plant growth lamp is used as the induction lighting for the photoperiod and light morphology of plants. The LED plant growth light of a specific wavelength can affect the flowering time, quality and duration of the flowering period of the plant. Some wavelengths of LED plant growth lights can increase the number of flower buds and flowering of plants; certain wavelengths of LED plant lights can reduce the flower formation response, regulate the length of the stalk and the flowering period, which is conducive to the production and marketing of cut flowers. It can be seen that through the regulation of full-spectrum LED plant growth lights, the flowering and subsequent growth of plants can be regulated.