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Our company adheres to independent innovation, to respond to market product development, continuous improvement, we have built up a core R&D department, and have a R&D team with more than 20 professional engineers. During the past 7 years, we have obtained more than 70 patents.  YaoRong is committed to providing customers with competitive LED Light solutions to help customers achieve more value.


          Focus on the customer, consider issues from the customer's point of view, and continuously improve the employees, processes and systems of the after-sales service department to bring customers a better experience and realize the value of the after-sales service department


Our philosophy is:

 Excellence achieves greatness, quality creates glory!



          Different LED Light companies have different technical support. The process has commonality but also has individuality. Different companies pay attention to different points. Therefore, we have a dedicated department to maintain customers and pay attention to you with the most convenient process. For the LED Light problem, we will not copy the experience of other companies when we receive the relevant LED electronic screen engineers. While referring to the technical support of high-quality LED electronic screen companies, we are also exploring in practice, reviewing the overall situation, and examining Process, break the existing model, and provide comfortable quality service.


Warm tips from YaoRong LED Light manufacturers:

        In the era of big data that sums up experience, it is difficult to accurately process and analyze information purely by relying on manpower. Your LED Light installation requires our careful guidance. It is very important to choose the right and suitable LED screen. We follow your specific site and combine with the large amount of information and feedback directly from customers that our after-sales service department receives and processes every day. This information is very regular. It may be a text, a voice, a photo or a video. The customer service needs to extract key information from it, and then record, analyze and process it. This process needs to help us continuously update our service technology and The concept, while continuously improving the problem-solving efficiency, has won unanimous praise from customers.

        For more relevant LED Light technology knowledge, you can browse our website for detailed understanding.